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“I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world.” — Meryl Streep

I’m Ekuase (Ékuasé), a German based blogger in her early twenties with a passion for any kind of art, spirituality, photography and writing.
Born and raised in Germany with plenty of foreign roots and always feeling wanderlust in my veins.
Alongside I’m a cat mommy to Estée, Amunet and Osiris, a girlfriend to my precious man, an author, a make-up artist and a student always lusting for more knowledge.

When I’m not falling in love with witchy stuff or a blinding highlighter, you will probably find me dwelling on the Internet or spending time with my loved ones – or I will be sitting in a tattoo studio getting inked or getting pierced for the over 30th time.

I love to attend concerts, especially of bands playing Folk music, Metal and medieval music. Medieval festivals are also heavily loved.

Other than that I like watching TV series, graveyards (call me creepy), walking in the woods, witchcraft and witchy stuff in general, everything vintage, spooky, macabre, grotesque and odd.

I live straight edge since June 2013 (no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes) and I have a plantbased diet (vegan).

Now: Get some food, have a tea, coffee or whatever you would like to drink, take a seat and (hopefully) enjoy your time here on ekuase.com. If you do so feel free to subscribe to my blog. Have a nice day!